Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/22/2019 - 6:00 AM
Category: Facilities and Operations
Type: Info
Subject: Update on George Washington Middle School - Kitchen and Cafeteria Project
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Objective 4.2 Well Maintained Facilities
ACPS will ensure that facilities are maintained at high levels and that repair needs are addressed in a timely and efficient manner to support the educational mission and daily operations of the district.
Policy: FB - Facilities Planning
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Agenda Item Summary: The George Washington (GW) kitchen and cafeteria renovation project is a School Nutrition Service Surplus Funded project that received a construction contract approval to start during the summer break of the 2018 school year.
This update provides a status on activities since the budgetary approval to achieve project completion and a fully upgraded kitchen for operational use.
Background: The kitchen and cafeteria project for George Washington Middle School consists of a full cafeteria remodeling including ceiling and flooring replacements, new furniture to match the interior design theme; as well as, kitchen upgrades that include new equipment and exhaust system, and construction of food storage and administrative support spaces.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends the School Board review the information on the GWMS Kitchen and Cafeteria Update.
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Gregory Hutchings - Superintendent