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3/1/2019 - 7:00 PM  
Family Engagement Evaluation  
ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan Goal:
Objective 2.1 Family Engagement
ACPS will collaborate with parents and guardians in providing the high-quality services they need to be leaders in the education of their children. (ACYMP 4.1)
KA - Goals for School-Community-Parent Relations  
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190301_Board Brief_Family Engagement Evaluation.pdf
190301_Family Engagement Concept Map Timeline and Methods.pdf
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The brief provides an overview of the forthcoming Family Engagement Evaluation including key research questions, methodology, and timeline.  
Through the ACPS 2020 strategic plan, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has made a commitment to collaborate with families in providing high-quality services in the education of Alexandria’s youth. To this end, ACPS is conducting a comprehensive division-wide evaluation of family engagement. ACPS approaches evaluations through a utilization-focused lens, as evaluations are positioned to be learning opportunities to continue to improve programs, policy and practice. The rationale for this evaluation is to provide ACPS with a better understanding of the needs, barriers, resources, and services to engage all families across contexts. Key stakeholder groups have been represented throughout the evaluation planning process ranging from the development of the overall evaluation plan, including the guiding research questions, to the Request for Proposals (RFP) process.  
The Superintendent recommends the review of the information within this brief and the attachment pertaining to the evaluation of family engagement.  
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Clinton Page - Chief Accountability Officer
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Gregory Hutchings - Superintendent