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3/1/2019 - 7:00 PM  
Curriculum and Instruction  
Update on the Academic Interventionist and Instructional Coach Models  
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Objective 1.1 Educational Excellence
ACPS will regularly assess and respond to the needs, interests, and abilities of individual students.
Objective 1.2 Achievement Gaps
ACPS will target academic achievement gaps and increase positive educational outcomes across race/ ethnicity, income, disability, and language subgroups.
Objective 1.4 Educational Equity
ACPS will provide each student with opportunities to be challenged and supported.
Objective 1.5 Teacher Resources and Supports
ACPS will make available to each teacher the re-sources and supports needed to provide an outstanding education for each and every student, differentiated according to the student’s learning style and background.
IA - Instructional Goals and Objectives  
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The purpose of the brief is to provide an overview of how and why the current school-based Student Improvement Positions are being redesigned. ACPS believes that by redesigning the current Student Improvement Positions, we will bring clarity of purpose and alignment of these positions to our strategic goals. These positions are necessary for continuous student improvement at every school. The titles and roles vary drastically throughout the division. In an effort to understand the valuable nature of these positions and allow consistency across title and expectations, we need to synthesize the roles and provide a clear job title and description.  
A diverse team of Central Office and school-based staff were selected to help develop a proposed framework and job description for two distinct roles: Academic Interventionist and Instructional Coach. The team was selected due to their experience, expertise, and invaluable ideas essential for achieving a level of consistency for enhancing teacher quality and student success. The team has been charged with developing a model for these two roles including: purpose, theory of action, beliefs, and rationale. The purpose is to help close the student achievement gap and accelerate learning for all students by building teacher capacity and student success. Ultimately, these two positions are critical in improving the overall growth of our students.

The group utilized resources to inform their thinking, such as: ACPS current job descriptions for Student Improvement Positions, additional job descriptions from various school divisions with similar roles, research articles related to instructional coaching and interventions, and their own background/experiences.
The Superintendent recommends that the School Board review the information provided in the brief.  
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Terri Mozingo - Chief Academic Officer
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Gregory Hutchings - Superintendent